Pollution was, now, and will be the cause of the end of mankind. In Bangladesh where i live is much more worse. I am not only talking of air pollution but other types of pollution. It is also a cause of the death of many species. Air pollution has caused a hole in the ozone layer, it is increasing the global temperatures steadily causing melting glaciers hence flooding. Flooding on the other hand has caused devastation of crops and total chaos.

In Bangladesh due to increasing temperatures our winters has reduced drastically. Before winter used to come within November but during the 2004 it came in December. Spring would come within early of March but in 2004 within February its hot. As we progress with our daily lives it gets difficult to work due to rising temperatures. I remember reading an article which wrote abt CFC and the hole it created in the ozone layer. No 1 took notice abt it until and unless their was a hole. However the reduction of CFC restored the layer. Now the reduction of carbon dioxide is essential. i also read that tress absorb the Co2 however release it after a certain number of years later.

People should take action immediately otherwise it would be like Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines ” The machines created r their to protect them but these were the machines that killed them.

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