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Another article which I found was printed on 22 October 2003. Its headline “Policing bad vehicles“. This article also tells us how the government is trying to reduce air pollution. The article printed is huge and i have very little time to write this blog so i will make it concise.

It states that the Department of Enviornment(DoE) was planning to set up outposts to monitor emissions released from vehicles roaming the streets of Dhaka. The objective of this plan was to keep surveillance of vehicles releasing toxic fumes. At first, these outposts would stop gross polluters from giving out fumes by prescribing specific formats to keep the engine running properly. If these cars were caught again they will be fined.

The police in the picture is looking for bad engines. So far the idea seems quite good however i do not know whether such a scheme was implemented. Anything to keep nature in good harmony.

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