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Article 5 was printed on September 10 2003.Its headline ” Fresh eviction drive soon on Buriganga.” Yeah the picture shows the famous Buriganga. Although this is the well known Buriganga it is not wat is seems. As you can see by the picture above the river is encroached by the ships and structures which r built along the bank of the river.
Owing to these reasons, the Buriganga is getting polluted, destroying all aquatic lifeforms. However this articles states how the government is trying to end of all of these obstacles on the river and prevent pollution.
The government wont be able to move tanneries situated on the bank of the river until and unless these factories r relocated somewhere else. The funny thing abt this article is that it tells how they (government) is reducing garbage(pollution) while a government agency supplying water to all the citizens r dumping millions of gallons of untreated sewage into this river everyday.
Why the hell isn’t the sewage treated? They think they can just keep on pouring all these stuff on the river and there will be not side effect. All these nutters.

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