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This will be the last article which i kept inside my table. It is article 6 which was published on August 13 2005. Its headline “Pollution exposure linked to childhood cancer.”This article mainly talks about how air pollution causes medical complications such as leukemia, cancer and so on.
Its says that exposure soon after birth or even before birth particularly due to engine exhausts. This is strongly linked with leukemia and cancer.
Yesterday I was browsing through some sites and it just stunned me that because of pollution there are so many serious medical complications such as upper and lower tract disorder, infertility, and so much more. It is just endless. Although i will discuss those later. Let me come back to this article.
An excess risk of childhood cancer were noted where regions around the world has variation in levels of chemicals such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, 1,3-butadience. These chemicals are largely produced by engine exhausts.They also gave an example where exposure to near a bus station and 1,3 butadiene raised the risk of cancer by 12.6 fold.
To me 12.6 times the exposure is extremely high. This study was done by Dr. E.G. know from the University of Birmingham. These reports were also published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
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