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I found another article right at the bottom of my table. I hope neither of u got bored by these articles. Next blog i post will be something from the net. Anyway the caption for this article was ” Global warming causes soil to release carbon.” It was published on September 10 2005.
Well a study was done by Nature. It looked at the carbon content of soil in England and Wales from 1978-2003 and found there was a steady decline with some 13 million tonnes of carbon released from British soil each year. It also concluded that no matter how the soil was used, acrbon appeared to br released from the soil.Hence the research then concluded that the main cause must be climate change.
They (researchers) could not say where the missing carbon had gone, much of it entering the atmosphere as greenhouse gases which are mainly carbon dioxide and methane. Scientists also said that carbon dioxide and methane are the main cause of global warming.

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