Twin Hurricanes

Firstly my deep condolence to all the people who lost their lives , lost their self-being because of Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita.
Some say that hurricane Katrina and Rita were caused by global warming, some say that the hurricanes were not caused by global warming. But I think that effects of global warming caused these destructive hurricanes. There is a British scientist who told that the growing violence of storms such as Katrina and Rita were very probably caused by climate change. The scientist also mentioned that the increased intensity of these kinds of extreme storms is very likely to be due to rising temperatures.
To me fifty years ago the climate was much better than now. But why has it changed so much?
There was only 1 explanation to this and it is GLOBAL WARMING!!!! I made this blog only so that people or the vast majority of this planet can read what we are doing to this home of ours and we people can do what it takes to stop pollution, reduce global warmng an ensure a better life for ur future. After all we will be held responsible if we cannot create a prosperous enviornment for our future generations.
The devastation caused by these two hurricanes is something that cannot be imagined. As we proceed into the future, it will get much worse than this. We have some dark times ahead of us.

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