Alternate Energy

The last couple of articles were technically a theoritical chemistry lesson. Anyway i finished explaining all about the chemical part of global warming. Now back to the practical part.
Yesterday i was watching an interesting show on CNN. I forgot the name of the show but they showed something that might help to find an alternative energy source other than to fossil fuels.
The main topic was about Brazil. Brazil is one of the largest sugar manufacture in the world. The lasrgest source of sugarcane. However only 25% of the sugar made is exported. The remaining 75% is used to make ethanol.

The show also mentioned that Brazil requires a little of the agricultural land it has to produce sufficient ethanol to supply the entire world. In fact Brazil is using ethanol as an alternate fuel when the fuel prices goes sky high. Cars are now manufactured to support both ethanol and gasoline run engines. So when fuel prices goes up people in Brazil find it cheaper to purchase ethanol than gasoline.

Eventhough if ethanol may be a renewable energy source and can be used as an alternate fuel i still have doubts about it.

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