Europe warmed by water vapour feedback

“Swiss scientists say Europe’s recent rapid temperature increase is likely due to an unexpected greenhouse gas: water vapour. Researchers at the World Radiation Centre in Davos, Switzerland, say elevated surface temperatures caused by other greenhouse gases have enhanced water evapouration and contributed to a cycle that stimulates further surface temperature increases. The scientists say their findings might help answer a long debated Earth science question about whether the water cycle could strongly enhance greenhouse warming. The Swiss researchers examined surface radiation measurements from 1995 to 2002 over the Alps in Central Europe and found strongly increasing total surface absorbed radiation, concurrent with rapidly increasing temperatures. The authors, led by Rolf Philipona of the World Radiation Centre, show experimentally that 70 percent of the rapid temperature increase is likely due to water vapour feedback. They indicate the remaining 30 percent is likely due to manmade greenhouse gases. They suggest their obseravations indicate Europe is experiencing an increasing greenhouse effect and the dominant part of the rising heat emitted from the Earth’s atmosphere(longwave radiation) is due to water vapour increase.”

I got this article from a weekly magazine and i thought it would be interesting if i shared it with every1 cause after all it is relating to global warming. Anyway special thanks to the writer who wrote this article.

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