Some very funny people2

The second article’s caption “Carbon dioxide…We call it life“. This slogan is going to be used in a US advertisement. Let me give a short description of this ad. It begins “A little girl blows away dandelion fluff as an announcer will say “Carbon dioxide: they call it pollution; we call it life,”” The advertisement is supposed to be 60 seconds long and its targeting global warming alarmists especially Al Gore. It is going to telecasted in 14 US cities.
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When last’s year hurricane frenzy caused some much havoc, millions worth of property damaged, many lives lost and this is what the people come up with. The reason for last year’s series of hurricane is due to global warming and US being a major shareholder in the production of this warming being an industrial country. Next time foreign countries should think of providing aid to US cause it may not be worth it. They are making fun about something which actually isn’t.

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