Out of the blue

Today’s post is going to be different from the other posts. It has nothing to do with the blog topic however I wish to discuss it cause it could help us with a lot of things.

What I am talking about?Words just keep pouring but difficult to understand. Its www.yourquestion.org. Yes it is a site I found out via a blog community “Blog Explosion.” Those of you who have been there know what I am talking about but those of you who have not keep following. Blog Explosion will give away 20 credits of traffic to bloggers if they visit www.yourquestion.org and blog about the site mentioned. Basically I would have to give my opinion about that site. After I finish the blog I would habe to inform them.

Let me give a brief description of this site. One can guess that this has to do something about society and not relating to a specific country but the entire world. All sorts of people voice their comments, questions, problems relating to politics, healthcare, education, social welfare, enviornment and other such topics. The basic concept is they will answer your questions associated with the problems mentioned. Who are “they?” They are highly-educated people, scientists, ministers, doctors and other extraordinary people. The site has a library of answers pertaining to relevant questions you voice.

I really appreciate what these people are doing, firstly because every single person comment or voice their concerns and the people can tell if the system is doing good,excellent or worse. Although there is a disadvantage to this scheme because it is powerful and if not checked it could bring a massive change. Sometimes people do not know what they want and that could be a problem. That is why the government is created. However the government does not know everything.

I want to finish this post by saying its a wonderful idea but must be checked and monitored by the creators.

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