Toxic wastes created by scraped cars

As many as 1.5 million cars are being scrapped illegally in Britian every year. Just imagine the amount of pollutants, fluids being disposed each year.Well according to the European Union in 2003 they introduced a legislation requiring all cars put to death must be taken to an approved site cleaned of pollutants and the owner issued a certificate of destruction. However people are not following this method which means tons of toxic waste are dumped unnoticed.

So in the end we have another ecological disaster in our hands.

One thought on “Toxic wastes created by scraped cars

  1. Yes, end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) are a serious problem because of the mercury switched, lead-acid batteries, lead wires, etc. they contain, not to mention the refrigerants many still have that can deplete the ozone layer. Imagine the hazards posed by improper disposal in most developing countries… I have! I write about environment issues, especially waste-related, in Latin America & Caribbean, and plan to do a blog entry soon on this issue. Hope you visit, comment — maybe we can exchange ideas/information, since it seems we have many interests in common.
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