A great man lost

My condenlences to the family of Steve Irwin or The Croc Hunter. He was a great person and I have seen some of his documentaries and they were exciting to watch. However the world lost someone who have helped the enviornment and its wildlife from extinction and now the world needs people like him to restore the balance in nature because our time is short and rapid action must be taken before dire consequences.

I was watching CNN and there was warning over a Hurricance named Florence which has been given a Category 1 but further hurricanes may occur just like last year’s Katrina or even worse than that.United States of America has never been fond of cutting emmisions owing to their economy and have never been serious to produce alternate energy sources. Eventhough some of you may say I am wrong but just tell me what alternate source of energy is there at the present moment to run your vehicle. There has stations with bio-diesel, hydrogen and oxygen run vehicles but neither are in mass production for a populationof 12 billion people.(Estimated world population,if i am wrong please do correct me) .

P.s Sorry for not posting frequently my connection has been disturbing quite some time and hopefully with post on a daily basis.

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