Artic ice melting even during winter

Scientists warn that polar melting threatens wildlife and it also indicates evidence of global warming in the artic region. Scientists from NASA claim that massive ice floating in the Artic Sea are melting even in winter as well in summer. The reason they claim to be global warming. If this is to continue well lets just say they won’t be any solid land left for polar bears to walk on. Sea ice also provides oxygen for the growth of phytoplankton. A decline in the number of this plants could also affect the food supply for seals and other marine mammals.

Last year scientists found that polar ice has melted twice the size of Texas since NASA started colllecting satellite data 27 years ago. They predict that there will be no ice left in the Artic by the end of this century. The melting period is growing by 15 days each decade meaning less time for it to grow back.

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