Our oceans are turning acidic

During the Nairobi talks, a climate expert indicated that the world’s oceans are becoming acidic which pose a big threat to fishes and all marine life. Oceans have already absorbed a third of the world’s emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming.
This absorption has turned the oceans acidic. Those of who you have knowledge in Chemistry will know that carbon dioxide when dissolved in water produces a weak acid known as carbonic acid. But high concentrations of the gas could make it quite acidic. Eventually this will prevent vital sea life from growing properly.

Just imagine the consequences. Important marine cannot live long enough to reproduce, as a result there is a shift in ecosystems where fishes are depending on other marine life rather than the one they usually feast on. If fishes cannot adapt to the new situations they will die. This will result in the depletion of total number of fishes in the oceans will decrease because bigger fish depends on smaller fish and smaller fish cannot live long enough. Fishermen who depend on this livelihood will reach poverty if they cannot find any work. This will increase the crime rate in countries and people who eat fish for a living other than fishermen will have to pay quite a sum if they are to eat fish owing to lack of demand.

So basically a slight shift in ecosystem will be catastrophic.

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