Emissions curb on car industry

Five days after the release of the IPCC reports the European Commission has forced carmakers to cut emissions of CO2 by 18%. So from 2012 we will see better technology integrated in cars. Industry commissioner says that the new cars should not emit more than 130g of CO2 per kilometre, whereas cars made in 2005 emit 162g per kilometre.

The average CO2 emissions:

1995: 185g/km
2005: 162g/km
2008: 140g/km (voluntary industry target)
2012: 130g/km (European Commission proposal)
2020: 80g/km (target proposed by T&E)

T&E ( Trasnport and Enviornment) is an enviornment pressure group. T&E have requested the EU to fix the emissions rate to 80g/km.

As alternate fuels are being researched it is said that biofuels do not emit more than 120g/km.

The Commission will draft it this year and hopefully will have to meet the European Parliament.

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