Sydney turns it lights off for an hour

In an effort to cause a stir globally, to take action about global warming, Sydney decided to turn off its lights for an hour. The so-called Earth Hour was supported by many environmental groups and businessmen. The city’s skyline dimmed including
the opera house, all lights on bridges, even the people switched off all household products to mark the Earth Hour. There was a similar incident on February when the International Panel on Climate Change(IPCC) released there important findings where the Eiffel Tower in Paris was dimmed.

A lot of people around the world supported this action but many thought it to be a publicity stunt.People commented that switching off electricity will not stop greenhouse emissions but campaigners believe so.

Australia is one the largest per capita producers of carbon dioxide and campaigners assure that turning the power down will help reduce the emmissions on carbon dioxide.

One thought on “Sydney turns it lights off for an hour

  1. While I agree that this is something positive for the environment, it would have been a bigger impact if they did it for a whole day. Think of the power savings then!

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