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New Wal-mart aims at better environment

A New Wal-mart superstore at 5824 Nolensville Road, Tennesse is been called the most eco-friendly store built giving customers a lot more shopping experience. To know more click here

China hopes for a better future by controlling global warming

China’s Prime Minister,Wen Jiabao, plans to clean pollution in China especially its water and air. Its water has been facing severe crisis over the past few years with toxic spills and oil spills and while cleaning this situation further chemicals being added to clean such spills. Being a major boom in Asia, it is one of the largest coal-burning nations, fueling carbon dioxide emissions. To get more news click here.

American Hurricane forecaster says Oceans are causing global warming

William Gray, American Hurricane forecaster said that global warming is being caused the ocean currents, rather human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. I did read a article before that we could cool the atmosphere by few degrees but there would be a backlash as in excess water could increase global warming.

Anyways he also said that Earth would cool by itself by five to ten years. By the way it looks I dont think so, no offence, but according to our current world situation may not be possible.To know more click here.

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