UN’s way of helping climate change

A study done by the United Nation’s states that in the peril of climate change and catastrophic disasters, we humans are capable in the sense that we have the money and the knowledge to stop global warming. The study concludes that we can stop 26 billion tonnes of emissions by the end of 2030.

Experts are saying that such an action would cost billion of dollars to the economy over the past twenty years. I think such a drastic action must be taken. We are intelligent enough to create a slower economy just enough to sustain lower gas emmissions.

This is way out of the topic but i rather continue.

When going for such a scheme newer, better and efficient technology must been invented. I was watching climate watch on BBC a few days and a new type of scheme or business is sprouting which is “Carbon Offset” or “Offsetting Carbon”. The theme of this scheme is to create an industry which has zero carbon emmissions. By offsetting carbon schemes, larger industries can create smaller industries which follow the zero carbon emissions. In the end the larger industries just continue their regular carbon emmissions, if people say anything the large industries will reply i have a zero carbon emmission industry.

There are also single entities, or just a single person. They showed a farmer, i think in the UK that he used cow’s manure to produce methane gas, which he later converted it into electricity. Quite neat!

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