Climate Talks

Last week seemed to be quite productive for scientists and politicians. Although how much change the politicians are going to go through, we will see. From Monday to Friday, there were talks about climate change in Bangkok, Thailand. The IPCC released a report on Friday 4/5/2007 which actually aims at businesses to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. This time the scientists triumph rather than the politicans.

The talks did not go so well for China. China, being the second largest carbon emmitter, compared to the USA which holds the first position had some complaints to the report. A country which produces most of the electronics and various products which it supplies round the globe said why should it reduce emissions where USA has no intention on cutting emissions.

On the otherhand many green projects are on the way. One such project is a wind farm. People would buy wind credits and use the energy for powering homes,offices,industries so that you know that you are using clean and renewable energy creating a “Carbon Offset”.
Another is using cow manure to convert it into electricity so that you have renewable and clean energy. There is also solar energy. In BBC’s climate watch they were showing a neighborhood in UK where all the residents powered their homes with solar panel.

I found a site Renewable Choice Energy which sells wind cards. They power several industries using such a method.

We have just have to stop wasting and causing pollution. We have to reduce,recycle and reuse.Scientists say we have the technology and money to stop climate change, so why dont we? I read the previous report released on February by the IPCC and it has got man-made climate change everywhere. I have not read the current one released last Friday but I am guessing its not going to be good.

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