Global Warming to make billions refugees

A report released by an aid agency said that global warming will cause billions of refugees by 2050 as water shortages increase, lack of crop growth will force people to leave their homes which will then cause disputes over resources.

The agency blamed developed countries causing climate change pollution which affected the poor. The agency also said that the developed countries should help the victims affected by global warming.

Countries which are low-lying and are few metres above sea-level are already facing problems. As sea-levels rise these low lands are sinking into the ocean floor. Parts of India, even my country Bangladesh are sinking. When I was watching BBC climate watch, there was evidence of rising sea-levels. These countries are in trouble cause they will have to create a massive evacuation. As a result the citizens become refugees.

Deforestation: The hidden cause of global warming. This is an article from The Independent, giving some information about global warming.

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