Africa facing climate consequences, suffering from climate change

The rise in temperatures in Africa is causing droughts, floods and stronger storms, while the people are having difficult to cope up with the change in weather patterns. Other than this there has been a shift in the ecosystem where species such as savannah birds have migrated owing to this rise in temperature. Experts suggested that global warming is the reason as to the slowly melting of snow on top of the famous in Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

South Africa, the country’s economic backbone has not taken part in reducing emissions. It is rated as Africa’s largest emitter in 2003 releasing some 318 million tones of carbon dioxide. During that same year United States released some 5,871 million tones of carbon dioxide. In recent note South Africa have said that they are willing to stop global warming and reduce emissions.

Although compared to other countries Africa has negligible part in the overall emissions. greenhouse
In this case it is not Africa’s fault. Other than the States being one of the largest there are two nations in Asia who are nearby India and China. Both are to surpass United States as the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter.

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