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Recently I signed up for ReviewMe although did not receive any reviews until today. This will be my first review so wish me luck! This review will be about Website Promotion, Affiliate Marketing and .Net Development Blog. The title of the blog is “Life, the Universe and the Internet and its description “My ramblings about making a living on the internet and life in general”. The blog recently got ranked by google as PR4 which is not that easy. This blog as mentioned focuses on posts related to web promotion, affiliate marketing and .net development. It also differs from this, since the author being a movie fan writes reviews for ReviewMe

The site design and color schemes are simple giving the content the focus. I liked the design very much as I prefer a clean blog. The categories which the author talks about are affiliate marketing, bargain hunting, blogging, caravan, CSS, films, gadgets, general, money making, programming, ReviewMe reviews and finally web promotion. To me the content seemed empty. Being a blog created on April 2006 I would have expected more. One thing I learnt from my two years experience in the blogosphere, that content is king! There are some posts which reflect his life so it has a personal touch.

I extremely like the way the author review products for ReviewMe. From the beginning of the post to the end, everything is nicely arranged and placed according to its position. He gives descriptive thoughts on both good and bad. I saw the author comment on his blog that even-though the pay is less for the review, he gives his level best and produces a magnificent review.

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