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I have seen thousands of blogs, numerous to say and I recently found a very different blog. The blog is only two months. For a two month old blog its archive is big. The author posts daily sometimes twice or thrice a day. So it is rich with content. He also has some interesting posts which will make you laugh. Ok you still don’t get it. The author basically talks increasing rss subscribers. He also discusses about various making money schemes for bloggers such as paid posting, reviewing and other such topics. There are also some personal posts. The blog design is clean and simple. He also creates contest on his blog.

Most bloggers have heard about Technorati’s Top 100 Favorites especially in Money Making Online with DoshDosha very popular scheme to boost your rankings in Technorati and to increase viewer-ship. In this method people just keeping on favoring each other in Technorati. In this blog ,the author created a new type of technique. I have not heard of such a method of increasing visitors. He called this method the “Feed my Feed”. The concept is new and simple. The object is to add a subscribe rss link of your blog friends below each post including your one, creating a link-back. The author does quote “Just imagine if 10 people would do this and then 10 more after them. That would get your blog 100 extra linkbacks and 100 extra feed subscribers!”

The most important of this concept is link-back. The more rss subscribers you get the better your ranking in Technorati and Alexa. This is because sites such as ReviewMe, Text Link Ads, and many more price blogs using these rankings.

I have never heard of such a concept and to me this idea is magnificent and I am too thinking of using this to increase my rss subscribers.

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