Smorty-New to the blogosphere

I recently came across another site which advertise on blogs and is called Smorty. This site was launched early this year hoping to attract both bloggers and advertisers. They follow the same concept where advertisers pay bloggers to post thoughts, opinions about a specific service, site, and product with link back to the advertisers’ site.

Both advertisers and bloggers benefit from using this service. For advertisers is a scope to increase search engine rankings and to get targeted blog advertising. For bloggers it is quickest way to make money. I signed up for Smorty some two days and got my blog approved today. They take 48-72 hours to get your blog reviewed. After that you sign in our account. When I did I already had three offers waiting to accept.

How much do they pay? Well there minimum stated in there is FAQ is $6 and go to up to $100 per post. But that will depend on several criteria. The common criteria are Google Page Rank and Alexa Rankings and the others are set by Smorty. There is also a fixed number of word limit where there minimum is 150 and maximum is 400. Payment is made weekly through Paypal where after submitting your review there is five day waiting. Once approved you are to get paid within that week or the following. They also have an affiliate program. Since I just started I cannot say much about the affiliate program but from I see for every affiliate you refer you make 5% per sale.

This is a sponsored post.

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