The Luxury BMW releases a green machine

The BMW 1-series model 118d has been called a green machine. Here are some specifications:

Model-118d 3- door

Price-18,225 pounds

Engine: 1,995cc, four cylinders, 16 valves, turbodiesel, 143bhp at 4,000rpm, 258lb ft at 2,000rpm

Transmission: six-speed gearbox, rear-wheel drive

Performance: 130mph, 0-62 in 8.9sec, 60.1mpg official average CO2: 123g/km.

The shocking thing is the official average of CO2 emissions, 123g/km. It will follow the regulations set by the EU which is 140g/km for 2008. To know the EU emission charts visit here. Anyway to know more visit the source.

4 thoughts on “The Luxury BMW releases a green machine

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