Asthma patients ask for compensation

In a case filed by asthmatic patients for air pollution in Tokyo are asking for compensation for their health problems caused by exhaust fumes by governments and car makers. The government gave proposals to these carmakers for antipollution methods and for medical fee assistance of 6 billion yen. The metropolitan government is planning to fight for air pollution in the coming weeks.

The seven carmakers and the government have come to an agreement to pay for the compensation to these patients however the amount is still not decided. The patients have said that if there are complications with the carmakers then they will deal with the metropolitan governments. The government plans to reduce air pollution but creating more intersections such that traffic flow is smooth. They will also plant trees to reduce the smog. They will allow asthma patients to borrow with free inhalers and receive medical check-ups to prevent symptoms. The seven carmakers said that they would pay something like 400-500 million yen but the patients requested 3 billion yen.

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