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Its been quite a while something like 15 days. Well actually last week, I sat down to write a post and boom by connection goes dead. Since my university started I get time only during the weekend. So I could not post last week and finally my connection seems ok, so I will give some news.

Actually this is something I wanted to post last week, its old news but anyways a lot has been going on. Firstly, ice caps in Tibet are melting and it is predicted to be completely dissipated by 2030. For us South-Asia countries it is not good cause this will first increase the water level through the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. So countries like China, India, Bangladesh will be affected mos with cities flooded.

Also some glaciers in Chile have suddenly disappeared. Witnesses have mentioned that glaciers where present but do not know how it vanished. All that was present were cracks on the floor. Quite mysterious.

As most of you are seeing the recent weather patterns in South Asia with strong storms and cyclones across Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. So far from what I know 200 people were killed in Pakistan during these storms and my condelences to the people who were killed and their families. Other than these people thousands of refugees are moved to temporary make-up tents where they are supplied with reliefs. People living in villages are most affected as most of their houses are flooded with water. These refugees can be considered as climate change refugees, a term which will be commonly used in the near future. Even China and UK had some serious flooding.

You can view this bbcnews video from youtube and this one

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