Why did I create this blog?

A couple of days back my friend Bdgamers and I were talking about web hosting. As I mentioned in the previous posts that I will shift my blog to a new hosting which I will do in due time. I found out several green hosting companies that are providing green hosting services which can be found at Green-blog.org. When I told him about it he laughed at me for sometime. I was telling him it would be perfect since my blog being based on the environment and pollution and alternate energy. I also told him that several hosts will even plant trees on behalf of their clients. Then Bdgamers asked me what do I do to save our environment. He was telling me that I use the blog to tell people to do their part but I do not. When he said that I felt quite cross. I would not create a blog and tell people to do things will I sat and did nothing.

On the contrary I told him I do my best to protect the environment. He asked for examples. I said for instance I walk to a nearby supermarket rather than taking the car. In our country most people would take their cars but I did not. Every time I go to that market I walk there and back. Even sometimes I walk to the bank some distance away from my house whereas my dad, mum takes the car. For them taking the car is ok for their security and things that they are not that young. But still when ever I do an errand near the house I walk or take a rickshaw something that does not pollute. By doing this I reduce my carbon footprint.

I always throw the garbage in the bin rather on the streets. I carry the garbage with me till I see the bin. I am trying my best to reduce pollution and the purpose of this blog is to let people know that things are not looking good for us and for future generations. That there are new technology that can reduce the pollution and we must use it and promote its usage.Why future generations? We will only inhabit this earth till we live but if we leave a bad environment such as black smog sky, rising water levels after we die, the future generations will blame us. We are acting selfishly. We live under clear blue sky while they will live in dangerous conditions. We will see the nature as it was left to us while they will see disgust in nature because of pollution.

There are some blogs I have seen about Global Warming Awareness and Climate Change Awareness. Frankly to me all these awareness programs should have been done some 20 years ago. Now is the time to take action. We must take action what ever the cost.

Several parts of the planet have already started feeling the affects of global warming. Countries like Bangladesh, where I live, the weather patterns are changing so rapidly. Two weeks extremely hot and suddenly rain showers that last for 2-3 days. Then suddenly you see a speck of light and in the next hour rain then it stops suddenly and again.

Even Europe are feeling it. I saw in a news article two days ago that some 500 people in Hungary were killed due to heatwave. In Britain flash floods are occurring in certain parts whereas Africa is dry as a bone.

People still deny it, they find anything to do will the environment boring. My English teacher thinks so too. These ignorant people do not care what happens to anyone. These people are selfish and only care about themselves. I may sound rude but it is the truth and it hurts. Those who deny please remember that your future generations are going to blame you and only you will feel guilty about what you have done.

For some reason I find life precious something that I feel I must protect if under harm no matter how many lives are on the stake I feel I must save them. A responsibility.


Many of you will laugh at what I have said but those who care it is upto you to help and save what we have left.

3 thoughts on “Why did I create this blog?

  1. Good post! Yes it’s true. we must act now or it will be too late.

    We have less than 8 years on us to to cut down on our massive energy and fossil usage. Otherwise the global temperature will rise above 2 degrees and there will be no turning back.

    If we can’t hold the temperatures at only 2 degrees we will reach a 6 degree increase in global temperatures at the end of 2100. If we reach 6 degrees there will be no life on planet earth.

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