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I found an interesting article relating to “The effects of Climate Change” written by Jonas Thor Arthursson. Here is the article

I write in reference to the editorial “The effects of climate change” (TMID, 8 August).

Climate change has been taking place since Noah’s Ark and before written history. Weather and its related conditions have been breaking records since the begining of record keeping. The Holy Bible is one of the earlier documents that decrees such events.

It is well known in scientific circles and geological surveys that the Earth has been a unstable planet weather-wise during its known history and from the begining of time. It is also known that the star we call the Sun is a variable source of heat radiation upon the earth. I will just list a few of the things that influence the planet earths enviroment.

1. The Sun, a variable star that has several cycles that influence the earth’s weather events. There is a lot happening on the sun that is not well understood. Hundreds of millions of USDs and EUROs have been spent researching the sun with satellites and ground observations. That kind of money could have been put into something else.

2. The Earth’s orbit. The Earth has a annual tilt of the axis and it also has a type of orbit around the sun that is oval. In the northern hemisphere the full tilt toward the sun occurs during the summer time when it is the maximum distance from the sun. The hemisphere is closest to the sun during the winter when the tilt is recovered. The opposite happens for the southern hemisphere. In the long term of thousands of years this orbit has been changing to a not so perfect orbit that may or may not benefit the human populations of the future.

3. Galatical dust lanes. The Sun solar system is moving out of a dust lane. It is not fully known how much effect this can have on the enviroment here on Earth. But there are plenty of dust lanes – thick and thin – that can drift into our solar system in the near future.

4. Natural Earth. Shifting currents of the sea have been known for sometime, such as the El Nino currents of the Pacific. Believe it or not, but this event effects weather systems as far as Malta. Atlantic currents are constently changing from the effects of upwelling and downwelling of salidity and temprature. The changing effects of jet stream wind currents have a large amount of influence on the weather patterns, causing floods and what have you. As a matter of fact the flooding in the UK was caused by jet stream winds. We have no control over this effect and can do nothing but prepare for the next time. I might remind you that this is not the first time a severe flood has occured in the UK. It has been worse in the past.

The few things listed above all add up along with many other factors that influence the nature of the earth enviroment. Some natural changes are not to our liking and some of them are of benefit, but this has been going on for a long time and nobody is going to be able to change it.

The point in my reply to you is this. Your news readers are being exempted from other facts regarding the climate change. Why? I do not know. There is a lot more information out there that is not being integrated into this subject by the media. Please do not get me wrong. I believe what you have written is somewhat true and I stand with you on the elimination of air pollution and Co2 emission rate by each and all. I agree that more effort has to be made toward reducing this menace. I personally do not like it along with everybody else.

My other point is the fact that man made pollution and generated Co2 emission is not the primary cause of the changing climate. There are so many variables that you or I or anybody else cannot come to a conclusion on the causes of climate change.

Jonas Thor Arthursson



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