A man and his family making a difference

A man making a difference, a quest if you call it, but to me these are the people who care for the environment and I am proud to say that he is a HERO. He has called himself the No Impact Man and has certainly hit the net by his no No Impact life. Colin Beavan aka No Impact Man decided to play his part to go green and for some going green is like saying “I will do those things later, leave it on the table” but he took it on by brute force. He and his family has changed their way of living. Having no electricity in their house (an apartment in Manhattan), roams around New York City by bicycles. He has literally by definition tried to stop his entire life and changed it so that his actions to do not harm the environment.

Anyways he has been interviewed by BBC and you can visit the article here. He also has a blog called the No Impact Man, so go and check it out.

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