WebHostingSources, a website dedicated in providing top web hosting providers. Some of you can guess that it is like a directory containing a list of companies which provides web hosting services. They have two main categories one is Linux/Unix Hosting and Windows Hosting. Under each category there are more options which make it easier for those of you to find out what you are looking for. For example in their Linux/Unix category, it is divided into three parts, the Basic Web Hosting, the Database Web Hosting and the Advanced Web Hosting. For instance if you are looking for database web hosting, by selecting the database web hosting, WebHostingSources provides a list of web hosting companies providing database hosting. You also get information such as how much money each of the hosting companies charge, the services provided by them and so on. The same goes for the Windows Hosting. WebHostingSources also provides a list of Domain registrars, services and tools.

Other than hosting and domain registration, WebHostingSources also offers an inventory of services and tools required for you to run a website. Let me name such tools and services. They are Advertising tools, Affiliate tools, Billing, Email, Forums, Shopping Carts, Website builders, Website design and many more.

WebHostingSources have been active since 2002 and so far what I see that the links provided are quite good, making it easier for you to get what you want rather than the hassle of searching. The site is not flashy, it looks simple and that’s what I like.

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2 thoughts on “WebHostingSources.com

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