Abu Dhabi on verge of creating “green city”

Abu Dhabi has plans to create a green city with zero carbon emission and zero-waste and car-free city. The city called “Masdar City” is expected to cost US$22bn and will take eight years to build. Under the plans, water will be provided by solar-powered desalination plant. To know more visit the BBC article here.

2 thoughts on “Abu Dhabi on verge of creating “green city”

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  2. UAE and due to high energy consumption beat the USA in harming the environment ,this is due to many reasons. UAE should cut emissions, but it’s not easy to educate many people from different nationalities on how to save the environment individually, this could be done through several awareness programmes . There are some studies that talks about the climate in the future in the UAE that will be a big change and increasing in the temperature and the reason is the global warming. Another cause could be the carbon emission from fossil fuel burning.The impact of our activiteis is high, in UAE, global warming had led to rise of sea level, also affected the temperature of the Gulf waters that they came warmer.

    The goverment and the people here should take several steps for this or else this would lead to disastrous impacts on UAE and the world as a whole.These measures include planting a lot of trees because it helps to reduce the CO2. ,they should also try to decrease the number of cars in the country to reduce the carbon emissions.
    schools here offer buses for the students, and that’s mean less CO2 because if each student will go to the school by car, that will increase the CO2. They should also start to use mass transit in the transport. For example, in Dubai they started a metro.
    traffic lights which works by sun power, that’s would decrease the using of the electricity.
    Hoping for people to live a better quality life…and breath clean air in our country UAE

    Awareness through net,TV and media,programmes e.t.c should be increased,i never knew about whats happening in UAE until i took a course know as environmental friends and volunteers in my college…

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