HDPE Scrap

Nowadays scrap is a common thing in our lives. You have scrap metal, scrap plastic, scrap rubber and so on. However today I will be discussing about scrap plastic. Scrap is products that can be recycled for further use. As pollution is a problem and since plastics are used in every day to day product the need of recycling plastics is important. In case of recycling HDPE plastic is one of the largest plastics recycled. What is HDPE? Its full form is High Density Polyethylene. Did you know that HDPE actually comes from petroleum!

Raw polymers Ltd. are in the business of collecting or purchasing various types of plastics from different type of industries. On the other hand HDPE Scrap are in the industry of distributing and sourcing Scrap HDPE. I have said that HDPE plastic is quite familiar so where are they actually used. They are used in many packaging applications as it protects the product from water and chemical resistance. It is also used like a film in snack food packages and cereal box liners. As HDPE is widespread, providing recycled HDPE will be frequent. These two companies are protecting the environment by recycling HDPE plastics and since plastics are harming the environment such as producing land and water pollution. Tons of plastics are dumped in scrap-yard with other waste products, although there have been projects to isolate the plastics so it makes it easier to process them. So next time you when you use plastics especially HDPE you will know it has been recycled.

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