Biofuels affect rice production

I have been saying for a long time that no matter the cost, we have to shift to alternate energy so that we do not pollute the environment and stop climate change.However in this case I will make an exception. The use of crops such as rice to create biofuels and ethanol has caused a great pickle worldwide. The prices of rice have gone up rapidly as production has been shifted from providing food to the people to fuel in a car. The use of biofuel has increased moderately especially with fuel pumps popping up. I saw recently that USA uses about 135 million gallons of fuel annually. It has become such a concern with rising fuel prices that alternate fuel has become criteria number one.

Although biofuel has been selected it should be clear that there be ample crops to provide for the people. The worst of all this is that people are actually dying because of hunger as rice has become expensive and owing to the lack of stock. In Bangladesh, people wait in line early in the morning just to get enough rice to eat a decent meal. Other parts of the world has been affected such as India and China. It is perfectly correct to go in to production of biofuel as an alternate energy source although if it affects the people then countries should invest their money somewhere else such that it does not effect human life.

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