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I recently came across a site which basically allows you to create blog for free or your own personal online journal for those who use it as a journal. Its called Some of its features are uploading pictures, videos, podcasts. It also a chat in community forums, and basically you have the option of bookmarking the latest news. Other than this they also have something called the ThinkTank which is used to send feedback to so that they could improve their site.

It gives the users options of sharing their posts if it public, friends or families. Out of all that it provides free unlimited bandwidth, which is quite common when providing blogging services. The site has the basic structure say for instance the popular posts, random posts, recent blog posts, news, photos and videos. Interesting thing I have noticed about this site is that they have a page called “Charity.” wanted to give something back to the people and basically they have provided links to certain charity communities like Amnesty International, Heal the Ocean and National Alliance to End Homelessness.

Let me discuss more about the site interface. The site overall looks simple, which I like hence does not give the user a sense of being lost. The colour and font size suits the site. It has a moderately good navigation system so you won’t have difficulty going from one page to another.

Overall I like the site name, nice site layout, and it’s a blogging service.

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