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Ecommerce is something we all come across once a while browsing the net and I too did come across an ecommerce site, Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity. Well to tell you the truth, I was wondering whether setting up an ecommerce could actually be a good opportunity. Anyways from the site I could realize that they are dedicated to the small owners and entrepreneurs who are starting an ecommerce business, say for instance me if I did ever start one.
Anyways let me tell you more of Storesonline Ecommerce Opportunity. Once the site has completely loaded, it looks presentable, has a simple structure which I like and the colour scheme is not bad. Overall the site is clean not such of a hassle to browse however the site is still in development cause I could only view the homepage. They have three simple steps to get your online store started which are Gather, Design, and Publish. Basically to start, you need your logos, pictures, product information then they have a point and click website designing tool where you would not require knowing any sort of programming and finally publishing the website into the Internet.
They have other features such as building your own store, merchant services, special offers, design gallery and finally domain registration. They also provide training services where they provide CD/DVDs to help you train yourselves. They also have an online help system to support customers in a step by step procedure.
Well I would like to finish by saying that I like the website; they have what it takes to help customers but have to wait till they are done updating their site completely.

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