Dubai:One of the highest carbon emissions per capita

As development and expansion of this wealthy nation continues to rise with high-rises, islands build off the coast, hotels, Dubai a emirate nation of UAE( United Arab Emirates) has one of the highest carbon footprint per capita. Recently with the explosion of population in the emirate state, waste management has become an issue which affects marine ecosystem around the area. UAE has ratified their position in the Kyoto Protocol in 2005 however according to their status in the Protocol they do not require to reduce their carbon emissions.

As a result, the use of renewable energy or sustainable energy in the region has not become a concern yet. Although with countries researching and using sustainable energies, I think they too should start implementing such schemes and allowing foreign investments relating to green projects. Bahrain has started projects by installing wind turbines to its World Trade Center, the first of its kind. To read about the Bahrain World Trade Center find it here. To read more about the Dubai’s carbon footprint click here.

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