TheCarConnection: 2008 Ford Taurus

Ford Taurus is manufactured by one of US top car manufacturer Ford Motor Company and has become a strong brand over the years with its first car being manufactured and released on 1986. Ever since that it made quite a mark in the US car market. However as competitors increased especially with Japan car manufacturers entering the market, the Ford Taurus lost its place and was later discontinued in 2006. Although the car was discontinued, similar models were released by Ford, the Ford Five Hundred and the Fusion.

In an effort to revive the Taurus brand again, Ford used the new facelifts intended for the Five Hundred and Ford Freestyle to Taurus and Taurus X. For all the Ford Taurus fans out there, Ford will be making the all-new 2010-Taurus available to public by July 2009.

I will be discussing about the 2008 Ford Taurus review a little bit by TheCarConnection. The car looks like a robust and solid car, although not much of a looker’s car. The engine is a 3.5 litre powered by a Duratec V-6 which delivers 265 horsepower. The engine being a more powerful engine that the Ford Five Hundred. Taurus is not supposed to be a sports car, it’s a cruising sedan, a car you can just drive at a constant speed and just relax, that’s a Taurus, and so the engine specs work. The transmission is smooth though while downshifting, the car jerks but you could get used to it.

That’s the car anyways, the review is very informative, although it still lacks more information about the car. Also the regular use of reference, kind of loses the appeal of the review. I like the other stuff of the review. Things like the estimated car price, dealers’ price quota, the local dealer store and many more. Something that I noticed was the “Bottom Line”. It gives the overall view of the product, the pros and cons of the car, so worth checking.

Overall the car has a long legacy even though it had its downturns, the 2008 Ford Taurus is a great American car as for the review if you want to know the brief idea and make a decision read the bottom line.

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