Electrifying Highways: Alternate to batteries

A question arises, it is feasible and if so is it sustainable? True that by electrifying highways, you wont  need  electric batteries for your car, so you save space in the car and could utilize it to increase your leg room. However just imagine the amount of electricity that has to be generated to sustain the vast number of cars on the roads especially at this present day.

Also if for some reason the electric grid fails in one sector, cars would completely stall in the middle of the road. So your going at 100mph and the electric grid fails, your engine loses power and you cant brake properly because the car’s electrics depend on electricity and in modern cars everything is electric.  But I am sure there is a backup energy source in case if something was to happen.

Its sound like a good idea, but by increasing the electric consumption, there is a risk of polluting more in the process.

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