Global Wake Up call-21st September

September 21st, is going to be an interesting day. The day is a Global Wake-Up call for world leaders to understand “Climate Change.” As Copenhagen approaches, crucial climate decisions have to be taken. Tcktcktck, have come up with the Global Wake-up Call, a channel through which people can stand united about Climate Change and take action.

So far from their site, there are roughly 1,004,352 global citizens who have pledged for Climate Action and still increasing by the second. They intend to reach the 2,000,000 mark. Tcktcktck have some major partners supporting them in their cause and they are big names some are WWF,, Christian Aid, GREENPEACE, Global Humanitarian Forum and so on. Get involved and add your name to the petition. A lot of countries are doing different things to start something, so add yourself and find your country and be part of this movement.

They have also started a countdown towards 7th December for the Copenhagen Summit with only 88 days left, things are heating up.

All eyes will be on New York City on September 21st, The world is ready, the time is now!

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