Bioneers Conference 2009

2009 marks the 20th anniversary of this premiere sustainability “Thought Leadership” forum on environmental and social justice issues along with scientific and cultural innovations focused around positive solutions inspired by nature and human ingenuity.

Speakers include Andrew Weil, MD, Michael Pollan (Author Omnivore’s Dilemma and Co-Creator of the film Food, Inc.), Annie Leonard (Creator of The Story of Stuff), and many others. The event takes place October 16-18th at the Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center in San Rafael, California, and at 18 Satellite Beamer Locations. We’re thrilled to also be Webcasting it for the first time.

We’ll be featuring these key not-to-be-missed speakers:

The conference starts this October 16 2009 to October 18 2009.

* From Small Steps to the Energy Revolution

Friday October 16, 9am-1pm, Plenary

How do we move rapidly from 1% solar and wind energy in the U.S. to 50%? To 100%? Jack Hidary, co-founder of and chairman of Americans for, explains what we have to do realize this necessary re-evolution.

* Rehydration Revolution

Friday October 16, 2:45-4:15

Water and carbon are two of life’s most essential elements, but managed improperly they can destroy the land. “Keyline” design is a cutting-edge system that harvests and distributes water more evenly for greater fertility, increased root growth and much higher carbon sequestration. With Brock Dolman, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center’s master permaculturalist and land management and watershed expert; and Darren Doherty, renowned Australian permaculturaist, a leading global expert of innovative “broadacre” agricultural system.

* Living Buildings; The Future of Architecture

Saturday October 17, 9am-1pm, Plenary

Jason McLennon, the leading figure in the global green architecture movement challenges us to imagine and demand buildings that operate as elegantly and efficiently as the living structures nature creates. As CEO of Cascadia Green Building Council, author of the Living Building Challenge and co-creator of Pharos (the most advanced building material rating system in North America) he shows breathtaking examples from the worldwide Challenge underway to design building that meet or exceed nature’s ecosystem services.

If your away from California then pack your bags and head for the conference. If you cant make it then keep your self updated by live telecast by dropping by this site again on the 16th.

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