The big day: International Day of Climate Action

It has finally dawned to us, the great movement to bring change. Today, October 24th 2009, could probably change mankind’s future. All over the globe people are chanting the number 350. A number that will be written in history books but that the fact that this number could save our life.

What does 350 represent? This is question I have been getting from people when I first started initiating an action to mark this day. I have initiated an awareness program at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) firstly but posting the official 350 posters on the notice boards. This will build the hype of 350. Soon after I will be organizing a workshop “350 and Climate Change! What it has to do with you?”. Lets hope I can get it approved.

There are over 4000 events spread across 170 countries to show world leaders that climate change is damaging our environment and that we have to do something about it. It is still unclear if any deal with come out from the Copenhagen summit whether if there are going to be any new climate policy.

In the mean time keep yourself updated here about new actions.

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