The big month has arrived: COP15

The crucial month of this year has finally arrived. I know I am very late in updating the news but let me give a slight preview of what happened. Just before starting the most important climate summit in human history, a scandal had raised a lot of eyebrows, rumors and specially confusion among people, the Climategate. Hackers leaked out information from emails between scientists from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit that climate change was not caused by human activity. A perfect way to create a row between people,scientists and politicians so that anti-environmentalist, oil companies can gain from this.

The summit started on 7th December with a surprise in the sense that within the first two days, there has been a big contribution from the US. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) stated that carbon dioxide poses a risk to public health and with this card in hand they are planning to bypass Congress to get a things moving in terms of reducing CO2 emissions. They should have thought of this couple of years ago.

In the mean time, the EU has pledged to give 7bn euros to all developing countries while a $10 billion has been allocated for countries affected by climate change.This $10bn will be given every year till 2012 and after 2012 it will be increased to $30bn. The members of AOSIS and the vulnerable countries at one point decided to walk out, as the adaptation fund was to less for their countries to sustain. My country, Bangladesh has asked for 15% of the total adaptation fund, as we are one of the major victims of climate change. Our Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina has made it clear that Bangladesh requires a large sum of the adaptation fund so that the country can combat against climate change. Bangladesh topped the list of the Global Climate Risk Index. In mist of the failure of proper talks, clashes broke out with over 900 people in trouble with the police.

It is expected that US President Barack Obama will attend the summit on 18th December 2009 and lets hope a decision can be made because time is really short.

In the mean time here are some things you could read.
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I will try updating you about the Copenhagen summit.

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