The result of the workshop on 350 and Climate Change

Photo Courtesy: Niloy Ahmed Ashraful Haque
Banner Courtesy: Shakib Ahmed

In an effort to get the word out, I organized a workshop on 350 and Climate Change: What it has to do with you? as you can see the previous post. On November 19th 2009, as a local organizer for, I awed the minds of the audience who attended it. The audience was poor, I was told to expect it but there was another complication. On November 19th, the day of the workshop there were law and order issues and probably why the turn-out was less.

Overall, I managed to open if not everyone’s mind about the magnitude of the problems that are expected to happen if there is no deal this December in Copenhagen. By doing this I managed people to step up and show interest in opening a club at the university about the environment.

I introduced a concept in the workshop hoping it would motivate people. We all know the 3Rs- Reduce, recycle. reduce but I came up with another the 4th R – REALIZATION. It is only when people REALIZE the situation, they can take action. A concept I have been working on.

I want to thank IEEE AIUB Student Branch for helping me to get this workshop on its foundation. It was important and they supported me when I needed them. It was a great day and those who could not come, my apologies for setting the date like that.

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