Copenhagen: Failure or A Start

Its been more than a week since one of the most anticipating summit of all time, a crucial moment in human history, the decision that was supposed to change the way we live. But the outcome of the Copenhagen had mixed reactions.


With the inception of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCC) on 1992, almost twenty years down the line, a strong protocol still could not be established. Copenhagen was the moment, the turning point but politicians failed to come up with a strong protocol where all developed countries where to participate especially the major countries US and China.

I have to say, 20 years and yet we still cannot come up with a decision on a strong climate framework. The science is clear. In the ending moments of the summit, politicians scrambled to show the world they could do sometime and salvage the most important climate convention. They came up with the “The Copenhagen Accord.” I read the accord and really there is nothing specific mentioned in the accord. No numbers, no figures nothing. No specific commitment only a figure they will pay the LDCs (Least developing countries) an amount of $30bn over the next three years till 2012 when after that, it is expected that the figure will be increased. Even this figure of $30bn is not sufficient for LDCs to sustain. My country, Bangladesh are one of the major victims and our Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina made it clear that we require more money to sustain. Remember total cost for combating climate change is $100bn per year.

Since no solid decision has been made, next year in COP16 at Mexico, it is expected a final decision to be settled. I was watching a debate on BBC on the last day of Copenhagen and I remember Maldives President Mr. Nasheed, that we have a window of 7 years to come up with a protocol and we cannot delay this any further. Yet we have to wait for COP16.

A Start:

Ever since Nasa top climatologist, Dr. James Hansen on 2008 said that 350ppm(parts per million) was the target to be set by countries to maintain a healthy environment, worldwide campaigns were going driven by youths all over the world, which we all know as But were not the only group, organizations like, Avaaz, Greenpeace and countless organizations campaigned for a better future. They formed one of the largest movements for climate justice in human history. Honestly as I went through the net and saw how many people were involved for a “Real Deal” is really surprising. In the middle of the summit, 350 Virgils, a campaign by 350 was organized on the weekend of December 11th-13th globally, hoping that world leaders pay attention. A mail I received from 350 that an elephant is moving and an elephant is an under statement. This is A START from the people and their hard work will pay one day, the day a “Real Deal” is made but until that the elephant should become more bigger.

I think the Copenhagen Accord is a start for the politicians but they are very behind and if they not catch up real fast, lets just say we will not have a home to stay. Also China has suggested that it will move into renewable energies and will cut their carbon emissions but no exact figure was mentioned. India has also said that it will shift into renewable energies over the next couple of years and by 2020 it plans to complete some projects on renewable sources of energy.

A friend of mine, Muntasir Muzahid Chowdhury came up with a song for the summit and since I was caught up with other things, I am posting it now. The name of the song is E.A.R.T.H (Elegies, Accusations, Redemption, Truths, Hereafter)

You can get the lyrics here.

I salute all the people who participated in this global movement. The people who waited in line at Copenhagen to make their points heard, all campaigners WELL DONE! but its not over. But for now, lets just enjoy the holidays!

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