ICBEN 2010: 4th Jan

I continue this from my previous post on ICBEN 2010. For me through out the entire winter season so far, the 4th of Jan was a killer. It was bloody cold. To top that of, I had to wake up early in the morning to grab my second rapporteur session. This session was on “Sustainable Agriculture.” I was late for the session by half an hour but I think I did not miss much. It was boring to tell you the truth, did not find anything interesting.

After submitting my rapporteur assignment, I decided to head for another session which I did not have any responsibility, so I went their as a participant. The session was on “Climate Change and Bangladesh Environment.” There was talk about Copenhagen and a small argument broke out among the session. It was controlled some insults thrown about but overall it was good.

There was a bit of mismanagement among the organizers but overall the entire conference was a good learning experience and thumbs up!

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