DHS Motors unveils Honda Hybrid in Dhaka

On December 6th 2009, DHS Motors Ltd., the local dealership of Honda Motor Cars in Bangladesh have unveiled the Honda Civic Hybrid. I did a review about it some two years back. Anyways let me give a heads up again. The car has a 1.3 litre three-stage i-VTEC engine with integrated motor assist (IMA system) which uses a petrol engine as the primary engine.

The car has some nice nifty features. I drove the 2006 Japanese Honda Civic although it was the 1.8 litre petrol engine, the hybrid is based on that model. The Honda Civic is a very good car overall. Its a very fun car to drive, the ride height of the car is perfect and for some reason, the car wants you to drive it, it just appeals to you. If you are a passenger, its comfortable for long drives, good suspension, you do not notice the bumps and for Bangladesh roads its good.

So far DHS Motors have brought 10 hybrids and are planning to bring more of it. It is cheaper than the standard Honda Civic and DHS Motors will provide after sales service.

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