Hybrids are a quick fix: Jeremy Clarkson

I was going through the December issue of Top Gear and found Jeremy Clarkson’s article on hybrids to be kind of true. Now we all know that Top Gear hates green cars or anything to do with the environment. However over the last two or three seasons there were actually praising green cars such as the Honda FCX Clarity and the Telsa Sports car but this article is different.

I believe that what he mentioned was true, that hybrids are a quite fix and it will not solve the problem. Going through the article also made my realize whether all these car companies introducing green cars are actually saving the environment or creating a similar catalytic converter mentioned by JC for the future, a short fix but some 30-40 years down the line, you end up having the same problem but in a different scenario. So what will you be doing now with the Detroit Auto Show showcasing the future of green cars, will you be buying green cars? Honestly thinking about this is really putting me in a difficult position.

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