Training on Energy Management in Industries in Bangladesh

Day one

A two day training session, 15th and 16th of February 2010 organized by GTZ started of with a sleepy morning. I reached GTZ office at 9:10 hoping I arrived in time. The training was supposed to start at 9am,knowing Bangladesh time, the training started at 9:25am with the opening done by Elke Shrestha, Senior Business Advocate,GTZ. Soon after Mike Birks, Team Leader, ESIP project began the training.

Anyways more about the training. Basically GTZ Bangladesh and couple RMG industries in Bangladesh worked together with local and foreign consultants to become more energy efficient over a period of couple of months. So engineers from these RMG industries are been trained to make their industries more energy efficient. I was lucky as I got in as a Trainee for Faruq M&E Consultants. Its interesting, the methods used for energy efficiencies in industries are actually quite simply and the benefits are quite noticeable. The energy savings are quite remarkable. I thought I would be out of my league, dazed and confused about the training and would not understand anything. To tell you the truth, over my years of blogging and reading on different technologies and a 4th year Electrical undergrad, I seemed quite in tune with the real world engineering problems.

So far today’s training 15th was good but tomorrow is going to be a bit difficult cause tomorrow is going to be the technical sessions. Anyways Ciao!

Day Two: Tuesday 16/2/2010

The second day was completely a technical session. Professors from BUET went through some of the basics in lighting and power factor correction. Mr. Birks on the other hand went to the details of various problems associated with the RMG sector in Bangladesh and how simple fixes could solve problems saving a lot of money and good pay-back period even if investments are made.

Overall I felt that the training was good but there was some discrepancies between the practical engineers and the theorists from BUET, something neither side would agree on.

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