Earth Hour 2010

The last Saturday of March has become a global tradition with people all over the world celebrating Earth Hour. For those you do not know what this event is, it started off in Sydney, Australia in 2007. The purpose of this was to make climate change an issue, and they made their voices heard by switching off the lights for 1 hour = 60 minutes. About 2.2 million homes and businesses turned of their lights that day. From then on, this event has spread all over the world, showing how important climate change is an issue and that governments should do something about it. In 2009, over 4000 cities and 88 countries participated with billions of people behind one cause protect the planet. This event is in association with Worldwide Fund(WWF)

This year, March 27th 2010 is the day for Earth Hour and it is expected over billions of people to participate for 60 minutes at 8:30 pm local time. The astronauts will see half the planet plunge in darkness while the other prepares itself.

Those of you who are planning to participate or organize an event check out their website Earth Hour.

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